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Sports massage on leg


Deep Tissue Massage helps the body under frequent physical stress, relieves pain, and restores normal movement. Direct deep pressure or friction is applied across the grain of the muscles concentrating on overused muscles. Often used to address chronic pain, sports injury, as well as, injury prevention in training, and competition. The therapist employs thumbs, forearms, and even elbows to work muscle tissue and relieve tension.
60 minutes $120                    90 minutes $180

Gratuities are never expected but respectfully appreciated.

We require the courtesy of a 24 hour cancellation notice or the right to charge a 50% cancellation fee. No shows will be charged 100%.

Prices are subject to change without advance notice.

Payment is due upon receipt of service.

Acceptable method of payment: Cash, Check or Credit Card.

Bodywork Kneaded provides a multitude of massage services and the therapists at Bodywork Kneaded are always actively expanding their skill set.

We encourage you to arrive 20 minutes prior to your first appointment in order to relax and complete a registration form. To keep a quiet, relaxed atmosphere we ask that all cell phones be turned off while visiting. For the safety of our clients, we ask that children not be brought to your appointment. If you request an appointment online, please make sure you receive confirmation within 48 hours You can also contact us by phone, text, or e-mail!

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