There are people on either side of the argument on whether or not to do a juice cleanse.  The start of summer is one of the best times of year to try one out.  Reasons people argue in favor is you lose weight, rid your body of toxins, ditch that sugar addiction, give your digestive tract a break, assimilate incredible amounts of micronutrients and jumpstart yourself into a healthier lifestyle.  Those against it say you only lose water weight, you can put weight back on once you start eating whole foods again, too many people use it as a crash diet to lose weight and our body is constantly detoxifying through our liver and kidneys.  If you’re debating a three or five day juice cleanse as a reboot of your system and a jumpstart into a healthier lifestyle, we at Bodywork Kneaded are completely on board.  Multiple members of our team have had great success with a three or five day juice cleanse.  If you are new to the game there are multiple options for help on the internet as well as books with instructions devoted to recipes and strategies.  When purchasing a juicer, most include a recipe and juice cleanse program in the instruction booklet.  If you need help there is a juice shop in Rochester called Juice4Life on University Ave.  They can help you with your beginning.  One thing that is recommended is eating as many fresh fruits and vegetables whenever possible every day.  Also drinking green smoothies can give you fiber and micronutrients quickly and are a great way to start the day.