DermoNeuroModulation (aka DNM) stands for skin/nervous system/change.  It can best be described as a manual therapy that can hack your nervous system.  The philosophy of DNM is to remove pain and restore movement, without having to cause pain to accomplish this.  Many patients, as well as practitioners today, are of the mindset that one must experience pain when receiving manual therapy to remove pain.  DNM is the future of hands on manual therapy and is at the forefront of cutting edge pain science. It uses light, gentle but firm, targeted and specific actions to remove pain without causing pain or discomfort to the patient. Much of the work can be done with the client wearing shorts and a tshirt and the practitioner requires the patient comes in that clothing or brings it with them.  Everyone experiences pain at one point or another in their life and at differing levels of intensity. Pain is your body’s way of telling you it perceives something is wrong, and in many cases, the body is being given the wrong information and your pain is not necessary. What many people do not know is that the simple action of touch, especially trained manual therapies, can influence changes within the body and turn off pain with tremendous results, also turning off that loop of wrong information.

Many people take pain killers in today’s society, which can wreak havoc on the body and can also lead to long term addiction.  Addiction to pain killers is one of the most dangerous things in society today and is rapidly becoming one of the leading causes of death.  Some people also take over the counter drugs like Tylenol or Ibuprofen.  Both of these can also do damage to your body.  Over use of Tylenol can destroy your liver, and after alcohol use, is the second leading cause of liver failure.  Ibuprofen over use can destroy the mucus membrane lining of your stomach (which is irreversible) and can lead to stomach ulcers.

Some of the reasons people experience pain can include a fall or injury.  In many cases, someone can begin experiencing pain and simply have no idea as to why.  One common reason for unexplained pain is stress, which as we all know plays a huge factor in today’s society.  Another common reason for pain is improper movement or lack thereof.  Some people simply do not move enough and this can cause tightness and pain in the body.  In some instances people are either moving improperly, or repetitively move in a way that causes imbalances in the body.  Examples of this would be always standing on one leg, always crossing your legs one way, always sleeping on your right side and always carrying your briefcase or gym bag on your left shoulder.  These one sided actions can add up, creating an imbalance and eventually…… PAIN.

This where is DermoNeuroModulation comes in for the win! DNM is a manual therapy technique that can specifically alter or shut off the feedback loop of pain created by situations described above.  There are varying types of receptors in the skin (which are extensions of nerves) that perceive and send sensory information to the Central Nervous System.  Specific skin stretching, or shearing, can affect these receptors in the skin, which can influence your own CNS to turn off your pain and relax areas in the body that are tight.  This process can also restore optimal movement to areas of the body even after years of issues.  These receptors can be affected and influenced even by simple touch, so imagine what a trained expert doing specific techniques can do.  DNM also does nerve stretching as well.  For example, certain areas or extremities of the body are taken to a specific length to stretch the nerve, moving the nerve through the tunnel it resides and “bringing it back online.”  Nerves can become “stuck” in these tunnels (termed tunnel syndromes) for many reasons, causing pain and lack of movement.


Diane Jacobs, creator of DNM: “Within a well-constructed context that includes good pain education beforehand, and some simple individualized movement therapy after, the application of hands-on help by trained individuals actually can help people to construct a better relationship with their own physicality – one that has decreased pain, one they can then learn to inhabit, and move, more comfortably. DermoNeuroModulation is a structured, interactive approach to manual therapy that considers the nervous system of the patient from skin cell to sense of self. Techniques are slow, light, kind, intelligent, responsive and effective. Positioning of limbs and trunk affects deeper nerve trunks (by shortening and widening their container), and is combined with skin stretch directed toward cutaneous fields of nerves that branch outward into skin (which may draw neural structure further through its container).”


Our newest therapist, Michael Riley, is a certified DermoNeuroModulation practitioner.  You can call us today at 585-802-2405, or visit and schedule your DNM appointment today.  Stop living with that chronic shoulder or low back pain! It can be eliminated today!