Massage has been proven to reduce pain, reduce stress and lower blood pressure.  It can increase your immunity to stave off the cold/flu, help posture, increase range of motion of joints and leave you feeling like a million bucks.  These are the kinds of benefits that everyone is in need of at some point or another.  Sometimes life can get in the way though.   Maybe there isn’t enough time in your day with work and kids and…..well….life.  That’s where chair massage can help you out.  It’s convenient, quick and can still supercharge you and give you all these wonderful benefits massage provides.  Many corporations today are even offering free chair massage events to their employees as part of a wellness program.  It’s been shown to relieve stress or fatigue, improve problem solving abilities, increase creative thinking and prevent or remove pain from sitting at a desk.  Luckily for you we provide chair massage!  If you are a corporation or business, you can have our team come to you and provide one of these wellness sessions.  If you are the average person who has limited time, we will be attending three events and offering chair massage at a dollar a minute this summer.  On June 6th we will be at the Small Business Expo in Lima from 11am-4pm, and all summer long we will be at the Mendon Farmers Market every Tuesday from 4pm-7pm, and the Lima Farmers Market also every Tuesday from 3pm-6pm.  Call to book us and treat your employees, or come out and see us at one of these events and treat yourself!