About this time of year, most people are ready for the cold temperatures of winter to end and the warmth and sunshine of spring to arrive.  But with those warmer days come all that green stuff.  Yes, grass, and leaves and …  For those with seasonal allergies, the runny noses and watery eyes start up again.  So are you ready for spring?

You don’t necessarily have to run to the store and stock up on those synthetic anti-histamines.  There are some natural ways to treat allergies.

Acupuncture can be very beneficial for allergy sufferers.  In one study of 72 patients, more than half of the patients had no symptoms after two treatments.  In another study, all 26 patients were without symptoms after their course of treatment. This year, consider giving our office a call and setting up an appointment with Monica Marrocco, our acupuncturist, before you take those anti-histamines.

Several herbs have also been used to treat allergic symptoms.  The European herb butterbur (Petasites hybridus) has been studied in a clinical trial and was found to be as affective as a synthetic antihistamine.  People have also used freeze-dried nettles and goldenseal.

An old stand-by includes saline nasal spray.  This saltwater spray thins the nasal mucus making it easier to breath.  Don’t try to make it yourself; the salt concentration needs to be just right!

Supplements are recommended by many naturopaths to reduce allergy symptoms.  They include quercetin, grape seed extract and vitamin C.

Some of the ingested natural remedies can, however, interact with the medications available at pharmacies and can be potent.  Always discuss natural remedies with your health care provider before starting them.

If a particular food gives you hives or gastrointestinal distress, it should be avoided.  It is only “exciting” your immune system and potentially making your seasonal allergies worse.  Consider eliminating foods that your body is “fighting” and scheduling an appointment with Kirsten for a Thai herbal massage which will detox your body amongst its other benefits.  Or, if time is a factor, a foot detox may be the place for you to start.


For more details on relieving allergies naturally, see “Relieve Allergies in a Natural Way” http://www.webmd.com/allergies/features/relieve-allergies-natural-way